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Dr. Landon was born and raised in Northern Utah. Growing up he never saw a Chiropractor. At a young age he suffered from chronic ear infections which led to tubes in his ears on 3 different occasions. He later developed digestive problems that the medical doctors could never figure out what was causing them. He was told the problems would go away as he got older.

Dr. Landon was a very active young man and found himself with low back and pelvic pain while juggling different sports while in high school. Physical therapy helped with some of the pain and healing but it never fixed what was causing the reoccurring symptoms. While weight lifting regularly he developed shoulder issues and the low back pain increased. Finally deciding to try a chiropractor, not only did he find relief from the pain but he also noticed that he was no longer having digestive problems. The Chiropractor explained that Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system which controls every function of the human body.

Dr. Landon realized that if more people understood and utilized regular chiropractic care, not only could many physically demanding lifestyle issues be prevented but there would be less need for drugs and surgery. Dr. Landon decided to make it his life mission to educate and bless others and loved ones with Principled Chiropractic care.



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