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Our Mission

Southern Utah’s Dr. Landon Staley and his team are on a mission at Axiom Chiropractic to help create one of the healthiest communities in the world right here in the Washington County area. 

Our Vision

We envision a world of health and healing, filled with communities where hospitals are empty and children are living drug free lives. We want to see ALL people living the abundant life God has promised! We hope you will join our mission to save Utah and save the world through specific scientific Chiropractic care. 

Company Founders

Chiropractor St. George - Utah

Dr. Landon, Co-Founder/Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Landon was born and raised in Northern Utah. Growing up he never saw a Chiropractor. At a young age he suffered from chronic ear infections which led to tubes in his ears on 3 different occasions. He later developed digestive problems that the medical doctors could never figure out what was causing them. He was told the problems would go away as he got older. Dr. Landon was a very active young man and found himself with low back and pelvic pain while juggling different sports while in high school. Physical therapy helped with some of the pain and healing but it never fixed what was causing the reoccurring symptoms. While weight lifting regularly he developed shoulder issues and the low back pain increased. Finally deciding to try a chiropractor, not only did he find relief from the pain but he also noticed that he was no longer having digestive problems. The Chiropractor explained that Chiropractic focuses on the nervous system which controls every function of the human body. Dr. Landon realized that if more people understood and utilized regular chiropractic care, not only could many physically demanding lifestyle issues be prevented but there would be less need for drugs and surgery. Dr. Landon decided to make it his life mission to educate and bless others and loved ones with Principled Chiropractic care.

Chiropractor St. George - Utah team photo

Cara Staley, Co-Founder/Director

Cara is a Co-Founder and Director at Axiom Chiropractic. She grew up in a small town outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. She was heavily involved in sports growing up and was a two-sport athlete and competitive dancer throughout her high school and college years. Cara received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health with an emphasis in Health Education and Marketing from BYU. She then continued her education and will be completing her MBA in Health Care Management in the Fall of 2019. Cara and Dr. Landon met on a blind date. After 2 wonderful years of dating they eventually got married! Fast forward to the present they are parents three beautiful little boys, a Great Dane and a Bengal. Though Cara grew up with the knowledge of chiropractic care, it wasn't until she had fertility issues after her second child that the true understanding of Principled Chiropractic care came to light. After several years of infertility issues and doctors saying there was not much that could be done, she decided to take the leap with Chiropractic care. After three months under care she was able to have a successful pregnancy. She continued care and was able to carry a very healthy baby to full term. Her youngest child was able to be adjusted only two hours after birth. Since this incredible and life changing experience, she decided to join forces with Dr. Landon in spreading the knowledge of Principled Chiropractic care to the community.

Client Testimonials